2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Jul 17, 2024  
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Graduation and Commencement

Course Planning Regulations

Upon completing 90 semester hours, students are required to file a graduation application with the Office of the Registrar. The Office of the Registrar must check the graduation application before the student can register for their last two semesters of coursework. The University will recognize the degree program for a period of seven years computed from the first semester of the student’s enrollment, any changes in institutional requirements to the contrary notwithstanding. This does not preclude the addition of requirements of the State of Kentucky or additions which may arise out of undetected errors or omissions in the original degree program. Any subsequent changes made in the program must have the approval of the advisor and major and minor professors and be noted on the student’s course planning sheet in the Registrar’s Office. The student is expected to be familiar with the general and specific requirements of his or her chosen program. The student is in all cases responsible for meeting the requirements for graduation.

Commencement Participation

University of the Cumberlands’ commencement ceremonies, held each Spring semester in May, are intended to recognize students who will complete all graduation requirements by the end of that semester. In some cases, students ask to participate (“walk”) in commencement although they will not complete all graduation requirements in that semester.

Students are only eligible to participate in commencement if they:

  • Are at Senior standing by December of the fall term prior to commencement,
  • Complete all degree requirements within the next adjoining semester. In other words, students who apply for graduation to complete in May, July, or August are allowed to walk in the May Ceremony.
  • Students who are participating in student teaching in the Fall and are otherwise degree complete, are permitted to walk in the May Ceremony.

Students who would like to request to participate in a ceremony outside of their actual graduation semester should complete the graduation application and contact their Student Success Advisor for eligibility and approval.

The Difference between Participating in Commencement and Graduating

“Graduating [receiving a diploma]” and “participating [walking across the stage]” in the commencement ceremony are two distinctly different things.

Candidates will be considered “graduated” when they have officially met all of the following:

  1. have applied for graduation online by the posted semester deadline.
  2. have completed all degree requirements.
  3. have had final semester grades posted to their transcript.
  4. have had their application approved by the Registrar.

Participating in the ceremony does not mean that a candidate has completed the requirements for graduation. “Walking/participating” at a commencement ceremony is not synonymous with “graduation;” yet the act of obtaining public recognition may provide a false impression that a candidate has met all requirements and has therefore “graduated” with a diploma in hand. Ultimately, the final awarding of degrees, honors, and mailing of the diplomas is contingent upon the satisfactory completion of the appropriate requirements by each candidate and the Vice President of Academic Affairs’ final certification.

Graduation Honors

Students are graduated with the distinction of Summa Cum Laude who have a standing of 3.95 to 4.00. Students are graduated with the distinction of Magna Cum Laude who have a standing of 3.85 to 3.94. Students are graduated with the distinction of Cum Laude who have a standing of 3.70 to 3.84.

Students who have received a failing grade in UC Engage or declared Academic Bankruptcy are not eligible for these recognitions. Requirements for academic honors are subject to change without notice.

Student Awards

The Algernon Sydney Sullivan and Mary Mildred Sullivan Awards

The Sullivan Awards honor a man and woman of the senior class who have made significant contributions to university life and have demonstrated outstanding spiritual values. These awards are given during graduation services each year.

The Gorman Jones Campus Leadership Awards

A medallion will be awarded each year at graduation to the woman of the graduating class who manifests the best qualities of campus leadership.

The T. J. Roberts Campus Leadership Award

A medallion will be awarded each year at graduation to the man of the graduating class who manifests the best qualities of campus leadership.

The T. E. Mahan Memorial Award

A medallion will be awarded each year to the man of the junior class who manifests the best qualities of potential service to society.

The A. T. Siler Memorial Award

A medallion will be awarded each year to the woman of the junior class who manifests the best qualities of potential service to society.

Academic Degrees and Programs

University of the Cumberlands offers the following undergraduate degrees: the Associate of Applied Science, the Associate Degree in Nursing, the Bachelor of Applied Science, the Bachelor of Science, the Bachelor of Science Education, the Bachelor of Science Nursing, the Bachelor of Arts, the Bachelor of Arts Education, and the Bachelor of Music. In addition, University of the Cumberlands offers many programs at the graduate level. The undergraduate degrees, offered by University of the Cumberlands are listed below.


Degree Requirements

Believing there is a commonality of learning essential to enable the individual to function intelligently, University of the Cumberlands seeks to provide those learning experiences through which the student will gain knowledge and develop skills requisite for abundant living.

The general requirements for graduation from University of the Cumberlands are the completion as follows:

Total Semester Credits Required for Degree

Associate of Applied Science 60
Associate Diploma in Nursing 60
Associate of Science 61
Bachelor of Arts 120
Bachelor of Science 120
Bachelor of Music 120
Bachelor of Applied Science 120
Bachelor of Arts Education 120
Bachelor of Science Education 120
Bachelor of Science Nursing 120
Bachelor of Social Work 120

As part of the total credits required for each degree students must complete the following General Education requirements.

General Education Semester Credits Required

Associate of Applied Science 21
Associate Diploma in Nursing 21
Associate of Science 31
Bachelor of Arts 37
Bachelor of Science 37
Bachelor of Music 37
Bachelor of Applied Science 30
Bachelor of Arts Education 37
Bachelor of Science Education 37

Major, Minor, Emphasis Requirements

Each Baccalaureate program presented for graduation must include:

  1. a major and 15 semester hours of Restricted Electives; or
  2. a major and a minor; or
  3. two majors; or
  4. an area of emphasis ; or
  5. a major and professional education coursework for teacher certification program (less student teaching); or
  6. an approved Independent Directions program.
  7. All academic programs will follow the general guidelines for course mapping and sequencing. Coursework at the 100 level is considered to be introductory. As coursework raises in number to the 200, 300, and 400 level and beyond, so will the complexity and difficulty of the content and student learning outcomes. Graduate coursework follows the same course sequencing and begins at the 500 level of courses.

Upper Division Electives 300/400 Requirement

A minimum of 30 semester hours numbered 300 or above are required for graduation.

Integrated Studies Course

All baccalaureate students must take at least one Integrated Studies course. This list of Integrated courses are available in the General Education Requirement section of this catalog. If a student is transferring from a Kentucky public institution, and has a transcript noted “General Education Certified”, that student will not be obligated but recommended to take at least one Integrated Studies course.

Minimum Grade Point Average

The student must have a 2.0 grade point average on all courses taken.

Minimum Grade Requirements for Major, Minor or Emphasis Coursework

All courses taken in the major or an area of concentration must have a grade of “C” or higher. A student earning a grade of “D” in a course in his/her major must repeat the course or the department head may select a substitute course.

Grades of “D” in the minor are acceptable provided the average for all courses taken in the minor is 2.00 or better.

Institutional Credits for an Undergraduate Degree

At least twenty-five percent of the total credit hours required for any undergraduate degree must be completed at University of the Cumberlands.

Restricted Elective Requirements

The criteria for selecting courses which may be used in the Restricted Elective area are as follows:

  1. No course may be selected if that course can be used as a part of the student’s major;
    1. The courses must be at or above the 300 level.
    2. No course may be used as part of the General Education Curriculum and as part of the Restricted Electives.
    3. No more than two courses may be taken from any one department.

Exit Exam

Each student seeking the baccalaureate degree must have scores from an appropriate department examination, on file in the Office of the Registrar prior to completion of the student’s degree. Teacher education students will be required to take the appropriate PRAXIS specialty examination prior to doing student teaching. Check with the Office of the Registrar for more information.

Main Campus Community Service Requirement

The student must fulfill the UC Engage (UCEN 101) requirement and the Community Service requirement.

As a requirement for graduation, all students must participate in the Community Service Program.

OREN 100 - required orientation during the first semester.

SERVE - Service Experiences Requiring Volunteer Effort - 40 hours of approved community service, recommended during the junior/senior years but may be completed any year while enrolled at University of the Cumberlands. Community Service prior to enrollment will not be approved.

SUCCESS - Services Unifying Cumberlands’ Commitment to Equip Students for Success - 200 or more hours of approved community service. Students completing over 200 hours are recognized as Hutton Scholars at the time of official graduation from University of the Cumberlands

Students may submit a Community Service Proposal Form for review prior to completing community service hours. A Community Service Report Sheet must be submitted as documentation of community service hours. A separate form must be used for each organization served. Students may not complete community service under the direction or supervision of another student or a family member. Students may not submit community service hours for any organization that was served as a requirement for course completion or for jobs for which they received pay. Some paid positions may be approved where students receive a stipend. Students should direct any questions regarding the status of approved community service hours to the Coordinator of Community Service.

Students may request a Leadership/Service Transcript prior to graduation from University of the Cumberlands. The purpose of the transcript is to provide students with official documentation of service involvement. Service Transcripts are not generated automatically. Students must document validated entries of activities and service on a regular basis throughout their enrollment at University of the Cumberlands. Students must request the transcript at least two weeks in advance.

UCOnline Orientation Requirement

Online students must fulfill the OREN 120 requirement.

Maximum Time to Completion

Students have the privilege of meeting the requirements and of graduating under the catalog under which they entered, provided they complete the work within seven years. After seven years students will be expected to conform either to the requirements specified for the class with which they are graduated, or the requirements set forth in the current catalog.

Graduation Application

Upon completing 90 semester hours, students are required to file a graduation application with the Office of the Registrar.

To be eligible for a degree at any commencement, the student must file with the Registrar an application for such degree in the semester prior to the commencement date.

The University requires students to use their full and proper names in registering and applying for a degree, and on other official college records. Candidates for graduation must attend practice sessions and Commencement exercises.

Teacher Certification

Certification of all teacher candidates completing a program of preparation at University of the Cumberlands is vested in the State Board of Education and is contingent upon satisfactory completion of state requirements, which vary somewhat from state to state. Students completing a teacher preparation program at University of the Cumberlands will meet the requirements for the state of Kentucky; however, each state will evaluate test scores and transcripts before issuing initial certification. Initial certification in another state under the Interstate Compact Agreement is also contingent upon the availability of a certification area in that state comparable to that of Kentucky. Therefore, a student meeting the requirements for Kentucky may or may not fulfill all requirements for another state. Since the Education Professional Standards Board has the sole authority for official certification, any changes in requirements must be adhered to within the effective dates regardless of the student’s entry date or time on the program pursued.

Applications for Kentucky certification and those states contiguous to Kentucky may be obtained from the Director of Certification.

Graduates of University of the Cumberlands who meet the requirements can secure one of the following teaching certificates issued by the Education Professional Standards Board:

  1. Statement of Eligibility Secondary Certificate 8-12
  2. Statement of Eligibility Early Elementary Certificate P-5
  3. Statement of Eligibility Middle School Certificate 5-9
  4. Statement of Eligibility P-12